View Full Version : Wanted to say hello and how excited I am to have found this forum!

08-03-16, 07:19 pm
I have a skinny pig that is somewhere around 9 months old, we aren't exactly sure, as we adopted her July 10th. She is the most wonderful little piggie, we are adopting her "little sister" next week, hopefully as soon as this Sunday. We haven't decided on a name yet, she is 5 weeks old.:love:

Mabel and the new piggie join our family of 4 children 19, 14, 12 & 10, 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 1 cat, a hamster, and a foster turtle. We have quite the small zoo here.

I look forward to chatting with everyone!

08-03-16, 08:41 pm
Welcome to the forum. Mabel is very cute. Is the new piggy you are adopting also a Skinny Pig?

08-03-16, 09:24 pm
Hello and Welcome! Mabel is just lovely :love:, looking forward to seeing pics of her with her new sister

08-03-16, 11:01 pm
Welcome! Your skinny pig is just darling! I can't wait for more pictures of her and her sister!

08-04-16, 09:43 am
What a gorgeous little skinny pig! [emoji7] I love her eye patch.

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08-04-16, 01:28 pm
Thank you. Yes, she is. She looks alot like Mabel.

08-05-16, 06:43 pm
Hello and welcome. Yes, you have a zoo.

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