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08-03-16, 10:13 am
80189Hello, I'm new to the forum but the guinea pig we recently got from a friend about a month ago has had what looks like an abrasion on his eye. It's been more sunken in than the other one but I thought that if we watched it, it could probably heal itself. He's had eye crust that has been easily removed but this morning his eye looks like it's drying out and the crust is building up on his eyes.....so for lack of a better way of explaining it, looks like a mountain of crust on his eye. I'm not 100% sure what to do and the husband doesn't think he needs to see a vet.

08-03-16, 10:18 am
Go to the vet, probably needs medication for the eye to heal, if that's still possible, the eye might need to be removed if it's infected or dying.

08-03-16, 11:02 am
See you added the picture, go to the vet immediately and don't touch that crust, you will probably damage the eye (if you have not damaged it already :( )

That crust could be fluid/pus that is coming out of the eye because there is a hole/and or infection in it :(

08-03-16, 11:07 am
Eye problems, especially when there's something in the eye, are incredibly painful. You need to see a vet ASAP.

08-03-16, 11:28 am
I've made an appointment with the vet but it's not until 5pm and it's only 10:30 am now. Maybe a warm washcloth gently held on his eye? I'm at work and my son is texting me saying that he can't close his eye at all.

08-03-16, 12:39 pm
Took him to the vet. The vet had a hard time seeing exactly what was going on so he is currently giving him gas so that he can get a better look. He thinks it may be an infection and that it may be part of the inside of his eyeball. I'll update later when I know for sure so people can use this as a reference in case their piggy has the same or similar issue.

08-03-16, 12:46 pm
Good to hear that he is getting treatment, I hope the vet can still save the eye and that he gets better soon :)

08-03-16, 03:03 pm
I just called the vet and he said that the eye was actually infected from the abrasion that wasn't healing on its own and it formed a tissue growth on his eye. Something that wouldn't have probably gone away on its own and something that if we'd treated at home, could have made it worse. So I'll pick Fluffy up at the vet after work along with eye drops. The vet is optimistic that this will do little to no permanent damage. YAY!!!!!!

08-03-16, 06:25 pm
Great news!

08-03-16, 09:29 pm
So glad you were able to get Fluffy to the vet. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Legume Family
08-04-16, 07:02 am
I'm glad you were able to get Fluffy help. I had a similar issue with Peanut last year-- he didn't develop the crust, but a hay poke almost caused eye loss (he developed an ulcer). For the first few days I had to do antibiotic drops followed by an eye lubricant (so the un-closable eye doesn't dry out) every two hours; eventually it moved down to 3-4 times a day for several weeks. His eye was able to fully recover, but I continued to use lubricating eye drops on him to prevent future damage/dryness. Make sure to ask your vet for some kind of lubricant to apply after the antibiotic drops if he/she didn't give you some already, it looks goopy and horrible but it really helps!