View Full Version : Hello, soon to adopt our first guinea pig

07-30-16, 01:07 pm
Hello, I signed up to do some reading on owning and caring for guinea pigs . My daughter really wants one, so we are adopting from a rescue soon. They look like great pets. ☺

07-30-16, 01:54 pm
Good for you for doing your research first. Here's some good reading material:


The main thing we'd say to you before you get pigs is please adopt and don't buy from a pet store. Those pigs are bred and raised in horrible conditions, and are often in bad shape when they're sold to the public.

And don't buy a pet store cage. They're not large enough for one pig, much less two, and you need at least two. They're social animals, and do MUCH better with a friend.

07-30-16, 05:49 pm
Hello and welcome.

07-30-16, 09:35 pm
Great decision on adoption! I'm sure your daughter is excited! Something to consider - Your pig will be so much happier if you can get a friend for it. They are heard animals and don't do well solo - no matter how much time you spend with it. I think your daughter will enjoy watching them talk and play and interact. Solo pigs tend to be less active and get depressed. The expense of a second truly is minimal. If you go with sows, they tend to be smaller and a little tidier (in my experience). They are also easier to pair. However, I wouldn't trade my boys for anything. They are all great! Congrats on your new additions!