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07-29-16, 09:37 pm
I'm trying to figure out what it is going to cost for bedding for a larger cage. I am making a 2x4 Panel cage. I'm thinking of sticking with Carephresh or going to Aspin. How many bags a week do you think i will need? I plan on spot cleaning as needed and switching out the bedding out twice a week. I am also planing on a kitchen area. Thank you in advance.

07-30-16, 09:14 pm
Have you considered wood pellets with fleece on top?

07-30-16, 11:42 pm
I have, the Carefresh and or Aspin is more cost effective for us. Plus its easy for us to clean.

08-12-16, 10:29 pm
Of the 60 Liter bags I'd say 1 would be sufficient for a week

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08-13-16, 07:48 am
Aspen expands quite a bit out of the bag, you're probably just going to have to play around with it a week or two and get an idea of what you need.

We use fleece in the main part of the cage and aspen in the kitchens. They are 1x2 grid size and I change it every 2-3 days. We go through about one 1000 liter bag a month.

We have tried virtually everything (crumbled paper or CareFresh and various brand names of, Yesterday's News, aspen, you name it, we've tried it), and they all kind of work the same. So we use aspen as it is the cheapest.

Don't worry, you'll find your way to the fleece "dark side" eventually. Most all of us do (insert evil laughter here). ;)

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