View Full Version : Question about fleece flippers

07-29-16, 02:06 pm
SO, I've hemmed and hawed about what type of cage to make for my new piggies. They were given to me in a 2 x 3 c and c cage, with the black holes instead of cubes. I've decided to buy a midwest cage and build a 2 by 2 loft that stands around the midwest wire, so it can easily be removed for cleaning.

My question is, why use 3 sections for fleece flippers?? Why not make one large one to fit the bottom? I have never used them before, educate me.

01-01-17, 10:18 am
I have to say that with using them, it is easier to flip over the very dirty section when they are in pieces. Plus if they were whole it would really be no different from a liner.