View Full Version : hi there new baby quinea pig owner

07-24-16, 05:53 pm
hello we bought wee George last week and he is a sweetie , two moths old and a brindley black and brown colourso loving but today he is nipping really bad he had some toys three ballsi intertwined together from pets at home and they have come apart so he has no toys to chew on until i quickly get him more, ive been studying guinea pig sounds and he doesnt sound unhappy but any advice happily received, i am handling him every day is this the right thing to do or do i let him sleep he is always awake! lol just think itll be easier for us all to get to know each other if we get him used to our hectic family life lol xxx cage cleaned out regularly and lots of fresh water and hay and his food :):)

07-24-16, 06:11 pm
He's a baby. He nips because that's the way babies experience the world. Just keep your hands away from his mouth.

Since you're a new pig owner, here's some reading material: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/113176-Information-for-new-guinea-pig-owners

07-24-16, 06:20 pm
see i was tickling under his chin and he was fine about it but today he has really nipped my hand and i have done nothing to encourage him but i love him loads so dont mind, what are the best toys for teething please? x

07-24-16, 06:32 pm
He's not teething. He has a complete set of teeth, and he was born with them.

All baby animals, human ones included, put things in their mouths to sample them.

This is for you to manage, by keeping your hands away from his mouth. You can say "no" very sharply, and you may teach him not to do it. Or he may outgrow it. But if he bites you while you're doing something, like tickling him under his chin, you should assume that he doesn't like it.