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07-18-16, 11:08 am

I'm new to this website and if anyone has any tips or anything for using it I'd love that!

I currently have one Guinea pig, a 1 year old (?) intact male named Mr. Beans. I only have one pig because a) during the school year I am off at college so my parents are forced to take care of him and b) we do not have enough room to make our 2x3 (with a 1x1 second floor) C&C cage into a 2x5 cage.
He is the only animal I've ever owned that I have purchased from a store (minus fish) - I worked at a Petco during the school year in the small animal department, and I just fell in love with him. He was in the isolation room for a while (if I remember correctly, he was on Metacam but I don't know what for).He was in a pretty small overstock cage (10 gallon fish tank?), and I just had to get him out of there. He was so excited to be in a big cage!

We recently gave him a 14 day oral dose of 0.5cc Itraconazole for an itchy fungal thing and some flakey skin on his back. We have been noticing that he has been biting lately - we have always had a certain way to play with him; we put our fingers on the floor of his cage and make scratchy sounds, and he popcorns and runs around. A few months ago, he started to charge at the hand and bite it (he has only drawn blood/broke the skin on one occasion). Also, he loves to have his chin scratched, but has been biting at you when you go to scratch there as well. Not sure exactly how old he is (he weighs about 2 lbs 6-7 oz, and has grown quite a lot since I brought him home in March). Could this have anything to do being intact, or his fungal thing?

Thanks for the help!

07-18-16, 11:41 am
Are you sure the itchy fungal thing wasn't mites? They can make a pig mighty cranky, and could explain the biting. His being unneutered has nothing to do with biting.

And just so you know, oral antifungal medications are pretty awful. I wouldn't take one myself, and I wouldn't give my pigs one unless there was absolutely no other way to treat it. See http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html for ways to treat fungal infections of the skin without oral medication.

If you decide to treat for mites, you can do it yourself. See https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/111160-How-to-treat-for-mites.

07-21-16, 07:26 am

i took him to the vet twice for this - I did not decided to treat him orally. We initially treated him for mites, and nothing happened and it was just getting worse. The neutering was only in reference to his aggressive lunging behavior, not the fungal issue.

07-21-16, 08:12 am
You need a better vet. Neutering doesn't change guinea pig behavior to any significant degree, and then only if it's related to dominance, not lunging.

One reason that mites treatment doesn't always work is that not enough medicine is given, or for not enough treatments, or with too long in between the treatments. What did you use to treat the mites (what medicine, what strength, what dose)? How often did you give it? How many treatments did you give.

07-21-16, 09:52 am
You need a better vet. Neutering doesn't change guinea pig behavior to any significant degree, and then only if it's related to dominance, not lunging.

Neutering will reduce sexual desire and aggression because reducing testosterone will no longer fuel both those behaviors. However, I recently brought up the topic with a Vet whom I admire and his response was, "neutering WILL reduce aggressive behavior toward other cavies, but not toward humans". Food for thought?

07-21-16, 03:26 pm
I tend to doubt that it will help aggressive behavior toward other guinea pigs. But I certainly don't think I'd have a guinea pig neutered in the hopes that it would improve relationships with other pigs. I'd look into everything else that might affect it, starting with cage size.