View Full Version : New Friends?

11-19-02, 05:32 pm
Hello everyone... I have a couple of questions about my guinea pigs, Patch and Chester (we changed Milo's name).

First off, I introduced my two guinea pigs and everything went fine, as far as fighting went. (There wasn't any.) The only problem is that Patch, the older guinea pig, seems to really LOVE the other one (don't worry... they're both males!) and he squeals really loudly when they are separated. When they are together, he tries to groom and snuggle with Chester. Chester, however, is a completely different story. He does not fight Patch, but he just seems to tolerate him. He seems a little relieved to be back in his own cage, and does not make any attempt to become "comfortable" with Patch. Do you think they are ready to live together?

Also, how do I go about combining the two into one cage?