View Full Version : C&C How to build a 2.5x6 c&c cage?

07-13-16, 01:39 pm
I know the basic way to build a 2x6 c&c with a stand attached to bottom of the base but I was thinking of doing a 2.5 wide one:

Would I need the top of the stand which would be what the coroplast sits on to be all 2.5 grids across or how would I do that?

I searched YouTube but only saw how to build the basic cages of 2 by whatever.

07-13-16, 01:48 pm
Just over lap a 3rd grid piece on each end. If you are putting it on something, yes it would need to be large enough for the cage to fit, but again, just overlap the grids and use zip ties to secure them.

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07-13-16, 01:52 pm
Ok that's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure thanks PiggyGrandma15

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