View Full Version : C&C Jumping out??!!

07-09-16, 10:59 pm
I am planning on getting a C&C cage but my boy Ash likes to move his house. I am really worried that he is going to jump on his house and out of the cage if I do get a different cage. Is it possible that Guinea pigs have jumped out of C&C cages? And if so how do I prevent that from happening?

07-09-16, 11:01 pm
You could put a roof on so he cant escape?

07-09-16, 11:04 pm
Closet shelving makes a great lid. Or you can bend grids at a 90 degreen angle and attach them at the top of the walls so they extend into the cage. That will prevent him from climbing out.

07-10-16, 08:08 am
I probably wouldn't worry about it, since my piggies have never showed any desire to leave the cage even when it was easy for them to do so. But I have no idea what Ash is like.

I had a closet shelving lid on my cage for a long time because of my dogs, and I highly recommend it if you do need a lid. I used two 16" wide shelves the length of the cage, and zip tied them in the middle so it opens like a hinge. With the 16" shelves you get about 2" of overhang on either side of the C&C cage.

07-10-16, 09:50 am
Well half the cage is going to be against the wall anyways so he can't climb out of that. Thanks for all your help guys I appreciate it! :)