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07-07-16, 06:50 pm
Ok so I have 3 boars in this cage set up and I know it's too small but my fiance won't allow me to spend our money to build a c&c like I want to as he says the cages I have are fine (he knows nothing of piggies and most times calls them rats) so to save money I'm reconstructing these two cages into a big square which from seeing someone else doing it it'll be close to 16 sq feet, hoping that is big enough for three boys. I want to switch from the canvas base to a coroplast base but as a full sheet is 48" x 96" I can't cut it to have sides so with the extra how do I add sides with tape and still have it fold up like a box?

This is my cage set up now, sorry if it's a bit blurry I used my tablet to take it.

This is in my living room which is small so in front of this is some walking room before you come to the coffee table and then couch. How do I make a coroplast base for this???

07-07-16, 07:32 pm
How long have you had 3 males living together and how old are they?

07-07-16, 07:41 pm
All three have been together since the end of April. My oldest is over a year old and I have two babies that just turned 16 weeks old this week. I have no problems with them all three being together except with the two babies, one baby tends to pick on the other but I've never had any furball fights or anything and I know it's just the babies trying to call dominance over the other as they both know the adult pig dominates them both. I just feel they could use a little bit extra room so it's easier for them to run around without worrying about going over ramps and such. Plus it's hard to keep three huts in one cage since I try to make sure they have two to three of everything. Right now I have three cuddle cups I've made for them to sleep in since I can't fit huts in the one cage with enough room to run.

07-07-16, 07:59 pm
They aren't done growing up and sorting out their adult hierarchy yet. You won't really know the final status on your herd for a few more months. Definitely the more space the better. :)

You can probably figure it out from here: http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/midwest#.V38I3pMrJE4

07-08-16, 06:18 pm
Thanks CavySpirit, I figured it would be a bit longer before they decide who's the king of the cage but just feel like they could use alittle more space. Plan on going to go get some coroplast sheets and rods to turn the two Midwest cages into a giant square for them instead of keeping them in the set up I have now. The only question I have now is that I want to get them huts when I make the cage bigger and was going to go with the fiddle sticks huts but wasn't sure if I needed the medium or large size for them and if I could still keep three in the cage when it's bigger? I have one of the igloos and a fleece hut I made and a few tunnels but they tend to fight over those so I wanted all the same stuff for them with the new cage setup. So would I need medium or large in the fiddle stick hidey huts for boys?

07-08-16, 08:31 pm
Get the large size fiddle sticks -- I've never had an adult sow that would fit under the medium size.

Try some fleece forests. They don't take up any floor space, but they do give the pigs a place to hide.

07-09-16, 07:14 am
Thanks bpatters I'll try that too.

07-09-16, 03:17 pm
Ok so fiancÚ won't let me reconstruct the cages to make a big square as to him it won't give us any walk space between it and the coffee table and asked all these questions on why the cage isn't fine the way it is and why can't we expand them upwards not out so told him with three boys they need at least 16 square feet of space and he was like then get rid of one of the rats as he calls them (he's not too fond of animals) so anyone know of a way I can give them more space but use less space in the living room since he wont let me do much on how I want to? I use to have a sewing room that they were in which I had plenty of space to do whatever in but that room has turned into my 3 year olds room with all her toys and all so there's no room left to put them back in that room.

07-10-16, 08:27 am
The way you already have the cage set up, it is nearly 16 square feet. The only potential problems are how narrow it is and the divider in the middle. Is there any way you can remove the divider? That would make it more open, and the width is okay for now as long as your pigs aren't fighting.

07-10-16, 08:52 am
I can remove the two dividers in the middle which forms the ramp to go back and forth was actually thinking of taking those two and zip tying it to the two ends to make it a bit wider about using half of it so it a bit wider but not too much that it takes up all the walking space. The only problem then is having to cut open those ends on the liners to still use those or change it to a coroplast base which is what I had planned to do. I personally would rather just build them a c&c cage but fiancÚ says it's a waste of money. The tables I have them sitting on are two different heights so it dips down going towards our front door so would really like to make a stand for it to make it alittle more easier on the eyes esp if we have guest over it just looks better. Going to go out and see if I can find grids today for cheap to try to build them a 32" wide by 77" long c&c which would give them the space they need alittle over 17 sq ft instead of almost the 16 now. Trying to do it where it gives them more room but takes up less space in the living room

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07-10-16, 09:51 am
I think a C&C cage would be your best bet, especially if you're making a coroplast base anyway. Can you fit a 2x6? The outside dimensions would be about 30"x88" or a little bit less if you don't use the grid connectors.

You can get a box of 19 grids for $20 from Bed Bath & Beyond. A 2x6 uses 16 grids, and if you made a grid stand you would need a total of at least 45 grids, so buying 3 boxes would leave you with some extra. Some people have had luck finding cheap grids at thrift stores or Goodwill. Just make sure you get the ones that are 9 squares across.

07-10-16, 10:04 am
Yeah I was thinking a c&c would be the best bet as I was going to make a stand for it too so I didn't have so many little tables being used and to make it neater looking plus would need a lid as the kitten I took in is still interested in them she keeps trying to jump on top of the cage but luckily can only paw at them through the bars. There's a store close to me that had some for only $12.99 for a 6 cubby pack which I think is about 23 grids so going to that store first to see if they still had some in stock to get about 4 boxes. I'm pretty sure they were the 9 square across. At least this way I can either expand or decrease the cage size if I ever need to.

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07-10-16, 04:20 pm
Ok so I found all of my supplies for a 2x6 cc cage for only $106 that not only gives me the cage but a stand and lid too all for that price or for only about $50 I can get coroplast and a few other supplies to just reconstruct my two Midwest cages, the only downside to my old cages is that I don't have a table big enough to put it on and lids will no longer fit as I'll keep the cages long ways like in the pic but remove the two divider grids and add those too the ends to expand it to make it wider by about 10-12" and then do a big coroplast insert instead of the canvas liners. What would be my best bet and be better to use down the road if I want to get more or have to decrease the size?

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07-10-16, 05:28 pm
adonnelly517, your posts will be much easier to read and understand if you'll use some punctuation and separate your thoughts into paragraphs. Otherwise, you run the risk of people looking at them and deciding tl;dr (too long, don't read).

We also have a number of people on the forum who don't speak English as their first language. Run-on sentences and paragraphs are hard for them to understand.


07-10-16, 07:39 pm
I absolutely agree. I speak very good English, but can't be bothered reading those kinds of posts. >(

07-10-16, 09:00 pm
Not to seem mean or anything but bpatters is right. I skipped most of your sentences because it looked like a jumbled mess.

07-11-16, 02:45 pm
I would definitely go for the C&C cage.

07-11-16, 02:51 pm
Thanks to all!! Already got grids coming in the mail for a c&c.

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