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07-01-16, 06:36 pm
Two of my pigs cough alot when they're fed their vegetables, and usually for about a half hour afterwards. They have no symptoms of any illnesses (they're still chubby and super active). One of them I've had for 13 months and she's always done it, the other for a month and she always has too. Im already working on planning a vet trip for them just incase, but any suggestions to help them until then?

07-01-16, 06:38 pm
Guinea pigs tend to eat really fast, which is probably why they cough, my pigs do it too.

I don't think it's anything to worry about if they don't have any other symptoms.

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07-01-16, 06:58 pm
Are you chopping their vegetables in small chunks? I think that tends to make them choke and cough. I only cut veggies in enough pieces so that everypig gets a chance at some of it, and that seems to cut way down on the coughing.

07-01-16, 08:28 pm
The smallest chunks are their baby carrots which are cut into thirds. Usually it's harder drier veggies like carrots that are the biggest issues. The two of them just seem to think theyre on man vs food (er... pig vs food) and need to shove it all down as fast as possible.

07-01-16, 08:33 pm
I just hand mine whole baby carrots.