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07-01-16, 06:15 pm
So since I'm going with a western theme for my piggies names I'm gonna make there cage western as well
Here are the ideas
Hide holes/ homes 4-5
Saloon:Square shaped box where the piggies can hide with an outside to look like a saloon
Train station: Same as above
Jail: Same as above but with a view outside through painted wooden bars
Mine:A rectangular shaped hide hole with a wooden inside and a paper outside to look like rocky walls
Hat:Unknown if it'll be in final project but is a hat in the middle with a hole in it

Food bowl
Im gonna make there food bowl in either 2 ways
1.Have a train and train track with three carriages containing food( Train will not move)
2. Same as above but with 1 big carriage

Water bottles
Either one or two water bottles on each side of the saloon

The cage will be littered with cacti chews

any other ideas?
What paint should i use?
Good material in NI

07-01-16, 07:51 pm
I would be VERY leary on painting anything for piggies. They WILL chew on everything.

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07-01-16, 07:52 pm
That being said sounds amazing and beyond adorable. I just would be wired about them ingesting the paint.

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07-01-16, 08:36 pm
Don't paint unless you use non-toxic vegetable paint.

Think about cleaning while you're designing. Everything you put in there has to be moved and cleaned. Food dishes need to be washable.

Don't take up all the space with things to put in the cage. The pigs need flat, open room to run.

07-02-16, 07:54 am
So non toxic veggie paint and thats it
ill have enough room for the piggies

07-02-16, 09:10 am
You're going to need to be careful what you build this cage out of as well. Remember that wood will quickly become urine soaked, smelly and gross. Everything should be easily removable and cleanable.