View Full Version : What bedding to use, to make easier on pet sitter???

06-30-16, 10:01 am
I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for the weekend and won't be back till Tuesday. I really don't want to leave the neighbor to figure out how to do cleanings and all so was wondering what type of cheap but good shavings I could get from the pet store to put in my two Midwest cages so she doesn't have to worry about vacuuming out the poop and hay or switching out pee pads? I know feeders supply has a giant bag of shavings called cox shavings for only $7 could I just use that for the 3.5 days I'll be gone? I doubt I'll be able to fill up both cages with carefresh esp on how much it is just want something to make easier on pet sitter till I get back. She's new to piggies so dont want to overwhelm her on it all. What could I do?

06-30-16, 10:31 am
I use wood pellets while I'm gone. I can leave it for 2 weeks without it smelling.

06-30-16, 10:40 am
Where can I get wood pellets and how much they cost? Would I need to lay something underneath the pellets or does the canvas bottom do quite good on those cages with pee getting on it. Never used shavings yet in the Midwest only fleece and my main worry is that it'll make the canvas bottom yucky looking from the pee.

06-30-16, 10:43 am
I got wood pellets from OSH for $6 a bag. It's a 40lbs bag. I use 2 bags in my 21sq.ft. cage.

Can't answer your question about the canvas bottom. I've never used a Midwest cage.

I don't use anything under the pellets.

See this thread for more information about wood pellets.