View Full Version : soft poo, what to do?

07-19-02, 09:51 am
Tallulah has very soft poo, not watery, but definately not pellets. She spreads them EVERYWHERE by walking in them. She has a large cage that is impossible to keep clean. Vet check showed no parasites in her poo sample. Vet suggested yogurt to try to balance out the bacteria in her intestines, but I can't get her to eat it. PLease help!

07-21-02, 06:30 pm
Please post medical or care questions on the forums linked at the top of the page. Have you tried cutting greens out of her diet?

07-22-02, 09:48 am
Yes, I have cut all fresh food out completely. I do not see a medical topic to post under, so that is why I chose general chat.

07-24-02, 10:25 pm
You should go this forum, register and post in the Emergency/Medical forum: www.guinealynx.info/forums/main.php (http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/main.php)

12-03-02, 07:36 pm
I used to use yogurt, didn't have the kind of luck with it that I really wanted. I had a guinea that was on antibiotics (various ones) for months and months (and months). We were really lucky that he only had diarhea problems occationally. But what we found worked like magic for us. The vet gave us a prescription product called Beneback (or Bene-bac). What this turns out to be is concentrated gut bacteria in a tube. It cleared up piggies diahrea over night the first time! It probably gave my pig another several months of life. They have sure come a long way since I started with my guinea pigs, what with "critical care for herbivors" food and beneback. (When I first started with pigs, the vet I knew used to have to call around to labs and vet schools to get answers because he said the information on pet cavies just isn't out there. Thank goodness that is changing).