View Full Version : Tumor Help I think my Guinea pig has a tumor

06-18-16, 06:33 pm
Hi Guinea pig forum,
today I was petting my 2 year old Guinea pig Santas little helper and I felt a Lump and when I parted her hair I found what I think is a tumor. I shaved around the area to get a closer look I would prefer not to have to go to the vet because there are no reliable vets that I like in my area I'm going to post a picture so hopefully some of you guys can tell me if I need to go to the veternarian or if it just looks like a scab of some sort I'm freaking out about it and hate seeing a tumor on my pet

06-18-16, 08:08 pm
Which part of her body is it at? It just looks like a nipple to me.

06-18-16, 09:33 pm
Ditto lissie. Is there one on the other side?

06-18-16, 11:26 pm
Looks like one of their two nipples to me? Or is this somewhere else on the body? It's hard to tell but is that on the back? Or are we missing something on the picture?

06-19-16, 03:16 am
Looking closer the center looks like it might be inverted and the surrounding pigmented skin looks inflamed? If so, and depending on location it may not be a nipple.

If it is not a nipple it could possibly be a sebaceous cyst, trichofolliculoma or something similar. Here is a link to the guinea lynx page about trichofolliculoma http://www.guinealynx.info/trichofolliculoma.html

06-19-16, 07:17 am
The "tumor" is definatly not a nipple! its on her lower back right around the hip area so I think I just might make a vet appointment to get it looked at

06-19-16, 05:01 pm
Definitely get your vet on this. There isn't much one can do at home other than make sure its not effecting their daily life and to keep them eating (even by handfeeding when needed).

It could be any of the following:

Mole (that may have been scratched open).

It might be minor but it might not. Either way your instinct to book your vet is a very, very, good idea. Please keep us posted. I've done a few abscess after care myself. ;)