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06-13-16, 09:00 am
I am planning on getting a bigger cage. Does anyone know if it's cheaper to buy a cage that comes in a set like the deluxe cage/cage cubby system or to buy grids separately and assemble them? Although it looks very daunting and confusing to build your own cage with grids? Can someone help me understand how ? Thanks!

06-13-16, 09:40 am
It's far cheaper, but more hassle, to buy the supplies and make it yourself. Closet shelving also makes as awesome cage, and is easier to do than C&C. Check the Photo tab above for all sorts of cage types.

This thread has a ton of information on C&C cages: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/107825-Where-to-find-C-amp-C-cage-materials

06-13-16, 11:05 am
How many grids/weird connector things do you reccomend buying :)

06-13-16, 11:15 am
depends on what size cage you're building. I got 2 boxes that build 6 squares, and that built a 2x4 with a 2 grid high stand. each box of 6 squares, should have 23 grids.

You can figure out how many grids you need, if you're making a 2x4 (for example), you add up the four sides (2+2+4+4) and also the bottom (8) and that'll tell you how many grids you need. (in this case, 20, so 1 box that builds 6 squares)

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