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06-07-16, 01:08 pm
Mikey is 4 years old, He's black and brown (long haired) He is a bit lazy inside the cage and does not care too much about any of the toys i get him. I think it's because his old buddy just passed and he's been a bit depressed after that. He always loves to explore as soon as I pick him up for cuddle or floor time. He talks a lot, both to himself and to me whenever I get home or open the fridge. He also talks a lot to his new buddy Maybel.
Right now he's having some issues with his tummy and i've put him on a diet to make his droppings nice and healthy again. (if you got any tips, please let me know)

Maybel is my new princess. I adopted her June the 4th. and she's only 4+ weeks old. So far everything seems to be going great with her. She's curios on both me and the world. We had a rough start as she tried to get used to her cage, but now she seem happy and healthy. She loves to get my attention and she makes the cutest talking sounds. her favorite veggie (this far) is green pepper. I'm hoping her ''ability'' to eat many different veggies will wear over on Mikey who is a picky eater. Also I hope her playfulness will inspire him to use the toys more often so he wont get bored. Maybel is gray, white and light brown (long hair). She both looks and acts like a real trouble maker. I'll have to keep my eyes on her to make sure she behaves ;)

I'm Nellie and I'm 18 years old. I've had 5 guinea pigs through my life and as soon as i get myself a bigger appartement, I will take my family to the next level. Right now I only got space to one couple, but sooner I'd like to expand my pig's area and adopt some new lady friends for M&M. Today's creative project was to collect some pet-safe branches and create some homemade chewing toys of them for my noisy friends. It turned out great and both pigs have tried it out!

06-07-16, 01:14 pm
I hope you don't have them housed together unless he's neutered. She's old enough to get pregnant, but her body is way too young to have pups.