View Full Version : Sick Navi's sick...maybe?

06-04-16, 07:35 am
I came home from work this morning to find what looked like diarrhea in the corner of the cage they are both acting normal as far as I can tell. I picked them up and checked for signs of a messy bottom to no avail. Then I noticed the wet stool was right under the water bottle. I changed the fleece right before work and it is full of normal looking stool baring the corner. Could it be the water bottle leaked and made a mess?

While holding Navi I noticed her eye. on the right looked dull. Sure enough she's got some discharged..not a lot. And now I can't remember what eye I blew on the other that had some hay It.

Vet not open till Monday. Can I maintain until then? She's seven weeks old so I'm nervous for her.

06-04-16, 09:42 am
Water bottles can definitely make a mess with poop. If you're not finding any other diarrhea in the cage, I wouldn't worry, but I would keep a close eye on it.

It sounds as though she may have something in her eye. If so, it's painful. I'd be tempted to try to find somewhere to take her today. Eyes are the one thing about guinea pigs that can be treated by a non-exotic vet, as long as you're careful about any antibiotics they might prescribe. But oral antibiotics aren't usually prescribed for eye problems anyway.

06-04-16, 03:57 pm
Sadly I fell asleep and I have to go back to work now. Working night shift sucks when your babies are sick. Will a warm wet compress help in the interim until I can get her in Monday?

06-04-16, 04:01 pm
I doubt that it will help, but it probably won't hurt.

You can gently look under the eyelid to make sure there's nothing stuck under there. And artificial tears (NOT contact lens cleaning solution) could possibly help.

06-04-16, 04:04 pm
Like saline drops?

06-04-16, 04:07 pm
I thought of the moist heat because my sins doc said to use it when he had an eye infection until his appointment the next day. It seemed to help but he doesn't have furry eyelids.

06-04-16, 04:11 pm
No, like artifical tears. They're mostly saline, but with some moisturizer. You can find them at any pharmacy.

06-04-16, 04:24 pm
OK. I'll pick some up. Thanks. It looks better at the moment. Not really crust, but she is still favoring it, and squinting.

06-05-16, 08:30 am
Got the eye drops. It was hard finding one without all sorts of ingredients I couldn't decipher in spite of taking multiple chemistry courses. How often should I use it do you think?

I'm not sure if this next bit is related to this issue or just a behavior issue. But after introductions a few days ago they've been chatting and even cuddling in their hidey together. Now Navi is in the hidey and Scarlett just stares at her. If Navi comes out at all Scarlett's starts mama g this noise that I'm assuming is rumbling and walking away like she doesn't want to deal with her. When I refilled their water bottle today they both clamoured over and Scarlett would push her down and drink first every time Navi tried to drink. I know they were thirsty. They ran out last night when I was at work (thank goodness I grabbed that extra large bottle when at Walmart this mor OMG on my way home) but I'm not sure if this is dominance behavior or pushing away because the other is sick. No mounting or other dominating behaviors though. They have not been caged together a week yet, but after about two hours of avoiding each other they've been inseparable.

The other concern is I see white spots on the fleece. Now I'm freaking out that one of them has a uti or something and I'm not sure if it's goopy eye Navi, or previously silent then chatty with her new friend and now cussing her out in guinea pig language, Scarlett.

06-05-16, 10:05 am
The white stuff on the fleece is urinary calcium. How old are these pigs? If they're under six months, don't worry about it -- they need dietary calcium for their growing bones. If they're over six months, we can address it in the diet. But a few spots are normal -- many thick, gritty ones aren't.

I wouldn't read too much into that behavior. Scarlett can probably sense that something's going on with Navi, but nothing sounds abnormal to me about the way they're behaving.

I'd use the artificial tears twice a day, but if that eye isn't better, do see a vet tomorrow.

06-05-16, 10:20 am
Poor Navi, I hope you get the desired results with the drops and she's back to her normal self really quickly.

06-05-16, 03:57 pm
The oldest, Scarlett is about six months. Maybe seven now. Navy is only 7-8 weeks.

The white is only a few spots so that's good to know.
Calling vet first thing tomorrow. Thank you.

06-06-16, 06:56 am
Vet can't get her in until Thursday. :(

Looking for another now. Her eye looks even better today though she still squints. So I'm not sure if this will self resolve or not.

This is her good eye for comparison.

These are pics of her eye this morning. You can barely see the discharge. But she's definitely not opening it as ugh as the other one and it seems not as bulbous as the healthy eye.

Sorry they aren't clearer. She's too mobile.

06-07-16, 07:23 pm
So, I found other guinea pig vets but they had even longer waits. Today her eye looks perfectly normal. Now I'm wondering if I take her Thursday will it be a waste of my money. She's back to jumping and squeaking and just being her curious snuggly self.

06-07-16, 07:30 pm
I'd wait until tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning to decide. If she's still looking good, you could skip the vet visit.

06-07-16, 08:28 pm
OK thanks. Appt is first thing in the morning. I'd probably need to cancel Wednesday evening if I do.