View Full Version : Cage Nightlight??

05-21-16, 08:34 pm
This might sound crazy but do any of you leave a nightlight on for your piggies? I read that they don't see well in the dark and I don't want them to be afraid at night.

05-21-16, 08:54 pm
They're not afraid of the dark.

05-21-16, 10:50 pm
Whenever I come home at night and peep in at the boys, they are usually out snuffling around in the dark and give me the stink eye for bugging them.

I work second shift, so I come home at anywhere from midnight to 3 in the morning.

I honestly never even thought that they would want a light on at night since they don't seem to have any trouble navigating around when I'm there.

Malynda Teeter
05-22-16, 11:34 am
Especially in the winter months I usually leave a light on for them until I go to bed. I have a pretty big window in my bedroom so they get lots of afternoon light. I also keep it 60-65 degrees F in my room. My wife thinks it's funny my pigs go to bed with me and wake up with me. I also have noticed my girls are approaching a year in August and tend to really sleep like me. However the boys-I can hear them at night with their water bottles. It's really a preference thing. Like bpatters said they aren't afraid of the dark.

05-22-16, 12:16 pm
every time i turn off the light to go to bed, my 2 boys always start to run around the cage. They seem so happy that i hear them hit their head on the litter tray when they popcorn :) I think it just really depends on the guinea pig. Mine seem to love the dark.

05-22-16, 12:27 pm
Yes, we like to snuggle.

05-23-16, 07:11 pm
My guinea pigs prefer to have some time in the dark because all day they are in the light.

05-23-16, 07:45 pm
Yes, we like to snuggle.

Haha!!! I was wondering where this went! On the wrong thread;

05-23-16, 08:06 pm
Okay, now I get it.

05-24-16, 06:16 pm
I have a small plug in night light, probably more so that I don't stumble in the dark :p