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05-19-16, 09:05 pm
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MoMo and Muffin (Pretzel's name changed to Muffin, not sure if I ever clarified that) just managed to get ahold of a poptart wrapper and ate about half of it. I'll be watching them to make sure there are no issues, has anyone else dealt with their piggies eating something like this? How dangerous is that foil-type material?

05-19-16, 09:17 pm
It can be dangerous, but there's not a lot to be done at this point other than to watch carefully. Clean the cage so you'll be able to tell if they're still pooping. If not, or if they're not eating normally, or if you find them sitting puffed up and not moving, then see a good exotic vet ASAP.

05-19-16, 09:23 pm
Alright, thank you. Just cleaned the cage so that'll help me see.