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11-05-05, 12:50 pm
Hi all!

Just got home a couple of hours with my new bunny:love: . I've been eyeing her at work for 3 weeks now (since I started), and this was the perfect time to get her! We stayed up late making her cage last night, it's blue and white cubes with cream and blue choroplast! I'll get pics on here soon (my husband knows how to do that more than I do!)
I'm SO excited, and so happy for her. We had to build semi-small due to space constraints, but we are planning to move into a bigger place in Jan where she will be able to run around freely!
I plan on scanning this thread for good rabbit info, and trying to be on here more.

Happy to add a bunny to the fam!

11-05-05, 01:11 pm
For the BEST rabbit info go to http://Rabbit.org It's the House Rabbit Society's website. Read it ALL!

Congrats on the new rabbit. I hope you are planning on litter training and making your rabbit a house rabbit (at least part time). They really are much too active to stay in cages.

11-05-05, 01:26 pm
Thank you for the link :) And yes, she will become a full on house rabbit. Right now we are living with our in-laws and they aren't really down with letting our animals out. SO, we have to do a little bit of piggie sneaking :) and we plan on doing some bunny sneaking. It's only for the next 2 months and then we are moving to Texas to live with my mom (who is extremely excited about honey bunny) and we already have plans to turn half the house (the half w/o carpet) into the bunny area and build her an outside area for in the summer.

She is already litter trained, which we are very happy about. We are going to take her for a check up next weekend and then set up at spay appointment. I've heard great things about the doctor we are taking her to, and they offer laser surgery to lessen the bleeding.

Does she need a bunny friend? She's bewteen 5-6 months old, and they said she was fairly territorial, so I don't want to rock the boat right away. Is it better to get her a friend sooner or later?

Thanks for all the help!

11-05-05, 05:43 pm
Rabbit's usually enjoy company as they are very social and love to be groomed by each other. I recommend you contact a rabbit rescue after you get her spayed and tell them you are searching for a good companion for your rabbit.

If it's a good rescue they will not only let you, but probably insist, that you bring in your Honey Bunny. She will get the chance to meet many different rabbits and you should allow her to choose her companion (no matter what he/she looks like).

The people at the rabbit rescue will probably be knowledgable enough to help you recognize a good match.

I believe the house rabbit website has a list of rabbit rescues. The best thing about adopting from the house rabbit society is that their rabbits are usually already littertrained.

11-05-05, 06:36 pm
Truth be told that if you make her a true family member then she will only need you as opposed to another bunny. But that takes committment; spending the time with her every day that she needs to bond with you. The rewards are beyond words.

If you do decide nonetheless to get her a bunny companion, after she is spayed, it is better to pair her with a neutered male than a female. They just bond better.

As for you building her an outside area, I hope you mean for play and not living outside all summer. A family companion belongs inside with the family. House bunnies live longer lives, too.

Bunny Gurl
11-06-05, 06:41 pm
Thats the trueth my Lightning was a house rabbit for 5 years of her life and she lived for 9 years they do live longer lives. Congrades on the new Bunny

11-06-05, 09:34 pm
My stepfather had a white rabbit when my mom meet him and he was the cutest thing ever (the rabbit). His name was littleguy and he would run around freely around the house, well till we got to ottawa were he onyl stayed in the basement were we anyways were most of the time, as the computers were there. He never got a rabbit companion and was the sweetest and happiest bunny around. He didn't get much a change outside and he died at the old age of 12. So I would recomend only one and an indoor bunny. They are the most sweet things when cared for proberly.

11-07-05, 11:06 am
Congrats on your bunny! I have one thing to add about the laser incision for the spay, as my vet's office has that. The rabbit specialist there (who spayed two girls for me a week and a half ago) said that since rabbit skin is so thin and the vessels so small, laser surgery doesn't make an appreciable effect on blood loss or healing time. True to form, Fey and Sprite made fast recoveries without the laser incision. It's still your choice, this is just what my particular vet recommended.

Although many rabbits enjoy company, some do get very territorial and have a hard time making friends. My Mocha is a good example of that. It took well over a month of intensive work every day to bond her (spayed female) with Loki (friendly neutered male). They now adore each other and live in the same cage. Soon I will try bonding my two pairs together so they can play at the same time. Mocha hates Fey and Sprite but Loki flirts with them, so we'll see how long it will take. I'm guessing at least a month.