View Full Version : Can I put male and female guinea pigs together

05-10-16, 11:07 am
peachypig, you need to start you own topic. On the main forum page, you'll see the list of discussions. Pick one, and at the top left of the page will be a button that starts a new thread. I've moved your post to its own thread.

No, it's not ok to put a male and female guinea pig together. They probably won't fight, but pregnancy is extremely hard on guinea pig sows and pups, and the death rate. We just had someone on this forum who lost all the pups and then the sow after a pregnancy. Guinea pigs also have several inherited diseases that are terrible. One causes lifelong bone and joint pain, another causes blindness, deafness, an underdeveloped intestinal tract and missing/wonky teeth. The pups, if they live, require lifelong care.

If you want guinea pigs, please get two of the same sex. Either will work if the cage is large enough. Two female guinea pigs need about 10 square feet, and two boars will need more than that.