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11-05-05, 02:09 am
While visiting a few relatives about an hour away, my sister found three rabbits hopping around down their backyard which had obviously been DUMPED. Their backyard is next to a small creek and section of bush. I wouldn't be suprised if there was more than the three she saw.
In Australia, we have an extreme rabbit overpopulation problem, and here are three rabbits that are going to:
a) Breed and create a whole load of trouble.
b) Be attacked by dogs or other predators.
I have a feeling many many people just let their rabbits go around here without even thinking about it, even locally someone dumped 15+ rabbits on a football field (right next to the national park). We were able to catch three (two of course pregnant).
The worst thing is that my sister didn't think of catching these guys, apparently her partner thought that they looked very happy and carefree. Haha, yeah, until they get mauled by wild animals.
I'm going to try go down there sometime this week and round them up. I think they've been there for a while, according to what my sister has said, so hopefully they'll stick around till then.

i love piggies
01-24-06, 05:59 pm
I know what you mean. One time my dad and I were on our way down town and we saw a bunny hopping across the road.
I made my dad pull over, and after running round in circles for about 15 minutes I caught her. She was a beautiful bunny, nicely coloured.
I ended up keeping her for a while, until I found a suitable home for her.
Some people have no heart.

01-25-06, 11:20 pm
Ugh. Why do people even get rabbits or any pets if they cannot take care of them? Abandoning pets in the wild is like having a kid and then a couple years later saying "Oops, I can't take care of this kid" and then dumping it at the mall with 20 bucks.

The most animal-irresponsible people I have ever met were my former landlords... ugh, the horrors I could tell you...
I hope you are able to rescue those bunnies, good luck!!!

Peace :heart:

01-28-06, 06:30 pm
I had a nieghbor like that, he had two cats then 6, 8, 12 and then he left and took all te kitten (cept for two) and left the two babies and 6 momas and dadies,we have three cats that was theres.then a new jerk moved in for about to monthstook the cats to a shelter and i belive had them put down:mad::weepy:.Then he moved to washington and left his dog jake in the backyard,:grumpy: the pp who moved in are realy nice and love animals they kept 3 of the 6 that managed to escape the trip to the pound and the dog and a dog that got attacked by a pitbull the other day:D, human race stinks if animals are lucky well all croak:rolleyes: