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05-03-16, 12:52 pm
Yo! I've been a proud guinea pig parent for a while now, but this is my first forum contribution. I'm going to say a little bit about my 3 boys, mostly so I can gush over them.

January 1st, 2015
I purchased my first ever guinea pigs from a chain pet store (I didn't know any better). I'd asked for a couple of girls under the (incorrect) assumption that they'd be less aggressive, however, it soon became clear that I'd bought two young boars. Honestly, I'd fallen in love with them so quickly it didn't phase me one bit. I decided Toby and Joey were cute names for the pair and they got on like a house on fire.


Summer 2015
This is when Squeak came onto the scene. Unlike the other two, he has a bit of a back story. My mother is a teacher at a primary school and Squeak (named by the children) was originally the school pet. This would be fine if he were looked after properly. He was kept outside in a small leaking hutch, causing him to develop a skin condition on his back. He was also malnourished, having been fed only carrot peelings and a handful of hay for months, as you can see in the images below. After his first bath the water resembled dark coffee, he was so dirty. With a wash and a claw trim, he was almost as good as new.
Basically, we were told he probably wouldn't last the summer given his bad way. Despite this, I put him in quarantine and started to gradually reintroduce more suitable food to him. For a while he wouldn't drink any water and ate very little food. Eventually, he warmed up to the new surroundings but he still seemed depressed. We knew that he had a friend who had sadly passed away before Squeak came to us, so we assumed he was lonely. This was when we gradually introduced him to the other two guinea pigs.

December 2015
All three boars had been living in harmony for a few months by this point. Squeak had been bullied slightly, but nothing significant enough to warrant any concern from me. At least, until Toby became extremely aggressive towards him. Toby is my largest boy and Squeak didn't stand much of a chance, leaving a bleeding gash across his neck. Thankfully, it healed well and now he just has a bit of a bald spot. Toby lives on his own across the room now because Squeak can not stand to be close to him. I take Toby out at least once daily for bonding and company.

These days Squeak and Joey have formed a close bond and now live peacefully together. Squeak is still tiny due to what we presume is stunted growth because of malnutrition, but he's a happy piggy now.


About me, the owner!

I think it makes sense to have a little about me too! I'm an 18 year old guy and about to do my A levels. I'm a bit anxious to leave my piggies to go to university in September, but they'll be well taken care of by my mum. I volunteered regularly at an animal shelter before my exams got crazy, so I hope to do that again soon. I also own two cats (who don't even acknowledge the piggies) and would really like a dog some day.

I hope to have a good time and learn how to enrich my piggies lives further! :cool:

05-03-16, 02:07 pm
They are absolutely beautiful! The gray and white one looks like a sheep and I think that is beautiful!

05-04-16, 06:45 pm
Your furry family is super cute

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05-04-16, 07:49 pm
Those are indeed some good-looking piggies with perfect markings.