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05-03-16, 09:32 am
After much looking and searching, I was finally able to adopt two 3 month old boys from a local friend who had gotten them and decided they were too much trouble. Remi and Boo are settling in nicely in their 2x5 cage, but neither seem to care much for veggies. I did get them to eat grapes yesterday, but still no go on the lettuce, carrots or peppers. Remi is the brave one and he comes up to my hand for sniffs, but Boo still squeals in terror when he spots me. I'm already attached to them both and hope to have pictures up once I can get them to be less shy around me!

Found out over the weekend that my BFF's mother has a 2 year old male whose mate recently died and she no longer wants to keep him. Poor thing never gets any attention and is in a store cage. I'm a first time pig owner and am just now acclimating to the two I got, but am heavily considering taking him on too since I just feel so bad for him. I have plenty of grids to build a nice size temporary cage for him, but how hard would it be to bond him with the other two males and would I have to go up to a 2x6? I barely have room for the 2x5 as is. :( I'm in the hunt to find someone to take him who will have time and gumption to give him a much better life and who would be willing to get him a friend. If all else fails however, I will be getting a third piggie it looks like. I hate to see animals in misery.

05-03-16, 10:03 am
See https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/105287-How-to-teach-a-guinea-pig-to-eat-vegetables for how to teach them to eat veggies.

I wouldn't feed them grapes. They're toxic to some small animals, and can cause kidney failure. The jury is still out on whether that's true of guinea pigs, but I wouldn't risk it. There are too many other things they can have that are known to be safe.

If you get a third male, you may wind up with three solo pigs. Introducing a third male is pretty dicey, and doesn't work more often than not. Your two are fairly young, so you might be able to get by with it, but you might not. It's fine to try as long as you're willing to have to separate everybody if necessary.

And yes, you'd need at least a 2x6. See http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html for how to do introductions. Do them at a time when you've got hours to devote to it, and don't rush things.

05-03-16, 10:43 am
Ooh, thanks for the heads up on grapes! I had googled it before giving it to them and I didn't read anything about them being toxic. They were meant to be more of a once every now and then treat anyhow. :)

I'm going to try my best to find the little guy a good home before committing myself to anything.

05-06-16, 12:48 pm
Well, finding the new pig a home is not panning out and I just can't stand it anymore. He's in a little tiny cage all alone, she never interacts with him at ALL and until I just spoke with my BFF an hour ago, they didn't even know he was supposed to be eating hay. 2 years. She's had him for two years and he's never had hay save for what was in his pellets. At least they were feeding him veggies daily. GAHHHH! Now I kinda know why his friend up and died. :( I have enough grids and some fleece flippers to build a 2x4 and I'll find somewhere to put it, even if I have to do some rearranging and make other family members mad. If he can't get along with my current two, at least he'll have more room, adequate food, and LOVE! I'll be getting him tomorrow night.

So now my guinea pig family will consist of Remi, Boo, and Yoyo. Man.... I wish I had known about him prior to getting my two, but really, I love Remi and Boo and don't regret them at all. They are already bonded, groom each other and everything. If they do somehow miraculously get along with Yoyo, and I have my doubts, I'll upgrade my 2x5 to a 2x6 or 2x7. :) If not, anything is better than what he was living in.

05-06-16, 08:28 pm
I'm so glad you're getting Yoyo out of a bad situation! Good luck with the bonding process!

05-16-16, 01:22 pm
79468 Remi enjoying his carrot!
79469 The boys together. Boo doesn't like my camera so I was happy I got him in this pic! :)

Unfortunately Yoyo passed away the day I went to get him. :( He was 5 years old I later found out, not 2.

I now have another cage built though which is working out great for a second home for my two guys. I was using the screen lid as a temp thing until I could get the grid lid built, but now I think I'll just leave it. It holds my cats up surprisingly well and they can't stick their paws through it at all. That's good because my female cat wants piggy for lunch; my other two just see the cage as a new place to sleep.

My little guys are doing great and I adore them. Love watching them run around and they popcorn when I put them back in every day after poop cleaning. I am alternating between three different fleece patterns I change once a week and this week I'm going to try my hand at making a liner with sides and no uhaul pad to go over the wood pelllets (btw best thing ever!!) Sewing skills are so so but I 'm getting better; I apparently suck at measuring LOL. Remi loves to be held and is starting to really get use to us, plus he eats out of my hand and comes to me; Boo is a work in progress. He no longer squeals in terror though while being held and is getting curious, so I feel he's starting to settle more. :love: my piggies!