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Travis Gammon
05-02-16, 07:50 pm
I'm new to owning a Guinea pig I got the little guy for my daughters to stay learning some pet responsibility. Either way he had a mark on his face and I'm not sure what it is. I'm wonderment if he's getting his cheek stuck on the water bottle or if he's scratching himself. I'm doing this on my phone and will shortly upload a photo from my desktop. Any advise?

Travis Gammon
05-02-16, 08:01 pm
Some information I guess I should include in case it is relevant:

I got him from petco, after doing research I now know how unwise that decision was.

For now he is a only piggy, will be trying to get him a friend soon. Did not know how important a buddy was.

Until my C&C cage is delivered I am using a starter cage that I have learned is way to small.

He has 2 water bottles that I fill with filtered water.

Diet wise he has timothy hay available 24/7 as well as a pellet food. On top of that I give him some sliced up orange bell pepper in the morning and a mix of spinach, kale, and romaine at night.

At night he gets super hyper and starts running extremely fast as well as jumping around his cage.

Hes super skittish, I try to be calm but catching him to hold and spend time with is difficult.

I know I have made mistakes with this piggy and am working as fast and hard to fix them, I really just thought it would be like my old rats and the people at petco were more knowledgeable.


05-02-16, 08:15 pm
Your link didn't work - it's best to get an account at a picture hosting site (I use photobucket.com, others might have different suggestions) and then link it here.

As far as the rest goes - welcome! I firmly believe that you can't do better until you know better, and you've taken a great step just by joining and posting :)

How long have you had him? Is it possible this is a bite mark from amother pig he was housed with at the store? If not, it's most likely he's done it by stratching himself, in my experience. Have you noticed his itching or constantly chirping and wiggling? It's possible he has mites, scratching lots, shaking themselves, and chirping a LOT can be signs of the itchy discomfort caused by mites. (If it is mites they aren't contagious, so don't panic ;) )

Before you get him a buddy make sure you double check the gender carefully, you don't want to end up with a ton of little pigs, so a same sex buddy is crucial!

I'd also try to add some extra variety to the veggies, my pigs get a lot of variety, in small amounts. Check out the nutrition forum for lists of safe veggies and how often to feed them.

Welcome!! :)

05-02-16, 08:21 pm
You can post a picture by clicking on the picture icon just above this reply box.

05-02-16, 08:43 pm
Another possibility is a fungal infection. http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html

05-02-16, 08:56 pm
It wouldn't surprise me if your piggie had a fungal or bacterial infection. I got Pudge from Petsmart and she developed a sore on her face that turned out to be bacterial. I treated it with triple antibiotic ointment and it cleared up. This is what it looked like. I started out treating it like a fungal infection and it got worse. 79330

05-02-16, 09:03 pm
Folks, let's be careful not to toss out possible diagnoses before we've even seen a picture. Could be something. Could be nothing. We don't know until we see it.

Travis Gammon
05-02-16, 10:10 pm
Ok I do not know why the picture didn't work Ill try again and if it doesn't work this time Ill get a photobucket account.

@librarychick (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/18815-librarychick) I have had him for about 2 weeks now and I just noticed it today. As for the other stuff I sure do hope its not a fungal or bacterial infection.


05-02-16, 10:32 pm
I'd treat that as a fungal infection. You can get some Nystatin or Monistat from any pharmacy. Apply it very thinly with a q-tip and rub it in well, twice a day.

It should start to show improvement in a few days. But if there's no change in several days, then switch to a triple antibiotic ointment. Apply the same way, same frequency.

It's sometimes hard to tell the difference between a fungal and a bacterial infection. They require different medication. But an antibiotic can make a fungal infection worse, where an antifungal won't do the same for a bacterial infection. So you start treating as a fungus, and if it doesn't improve, then you try the antibiotic.

In either case, but especially if it's a fungus, keep applying the medicine for several days even after it seems to be getting better. They can be hard to eradicate.

See http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html for more information.