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04-29-16, 06:50 pm
I'm not so sure, but, I think my guinea pig is permanently sick. :(
I have had him for 2-3 years and he has had this wheezing sneezing for 1-2 years!
I thought he had URI but, we went to the vet and they gave me antibiotics (btw this happened the first time I heard these noises from him) but it hasn't helped, they also never said what he had!
We think he is allergic to his timothy hay, may be the case.
Anyway if anyone knows what this is please help!

(He also has tears in his eyes from time to time and he is a happy bouncy pig as usual! He still eats!)

04-29-16, 07:13 pm
He could have allergies, although that's rare. He could have a chronic URI that wasn't touched by the antibiotics he was given.

Are you seeing a good exotic vet? Small animal (dog and cat) vets don't know much about guinea pigs. The reputable vets will refuse to see guinea pigs unless they've had education beyond vet school in caring for them.

04-29-16, 07:18 pm
Oh, I see, well I'm not so sure if the vet we took him to would know much about pigs but the veterinarian that saw him had her own pig that she adopted. She also said she had to amputate his leg. :( But the vet we went to had a logo with all sorts of animals including a piggy.

04-29-16, 07:34 pm
Logos mean nothing. You need to look at a clinic's website and see if there are certified exotic veterinarians on staff, or at least vets who had done some specialized study on their own in care of exotics. Small animal vets get very little (or no) education in the care of exotics, and what little they get covers everything from gerbils to giraffes. Guinea pigs can take very few antibiotics, and even those can cause major, sometimes fatal, digestive upsets. It's not really worth risking your pig's life to take it to a small animal vet.

04-29-16, 07:45 pm
Thanks for the info, i'll search them up on the net.

04-29-16, 07:53 pm
The site does not say anything about which animals the veterinarians are good with. The vet is the Calgary Falconridge Animal Hospital. I hope I'm not wasting your time. Thanks again!

04-29-16, 08:20 pm
Welp, I think I'll give up on trying to cure my little fella has to be the hay.. we tried everything else like detergent to wash his fleece ect. I know he'll last long, he has until now. I'll still be happy with his little sickness but I'll always fear him dying earlier than his friend.
I have searched the net and some people say their pig has a permanent sickness like this, so I think he has that.
If you want to keep trying to help you can. Thanks for the info about the vet, think it doesn't really specialize in rodents. :/ bummer.

04-29-16, 08:48 pm
The Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic gets very good online reviews. They only​ treat exotic pets.