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04-28-16, 09:00 am
Good morning!! Stopping in to say hello. I am a proud pig mom for 4 years now. All of my babies are rescues and females. I started off with my Gaddy and followed immediately (within 2 weeks) by rescuing Connie and Ratty. Connie passed away last week. She was the oldest, around 6 years old.
Last Year we rescued two baby piggers, NinjaPig abd SqueakStep. We lost Squeaker to pneumonia which was completely unexpected and devastating.
Ninja, Ratty and Gaddy are all happy and healthy.

I am happy to report that we have been asked to take in a pair of females. Tomorrow I go to pick them up. We are extremely excited.

04-28-16, 09:15 am
Welcome to the forum!

04-28-16, 03:20 pm
Welcome!! Do you have pigtures of your girls?

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maddy harper
04-29-16, 02:18 am
Hi there and welcome

04-29-16, 09:57 am
I do have pictures! Give me just a few and I will see about posting them.

05-02-16, 12:19 pm
These are the new "babies". They are about a year old. Just brought them home yesterday. They are named Bowie (grey and white) And the Pig Formerly Known as Princess (mocha). And yes, those names are nods to Prince and David Bowie (Obviously lol). They will go by Bowie and Princess. These two are SUPER cuddly. Can't wait for them to meet my other three!!

05-02-16, 12:32 pm
These are my other 3. Clockwise we have Ninja Pig, who is about a 1 1/2 to 2 years old. Then Ratty, who is 4-5 years old. And Gaddy who is also 4-5 years old. All of our pigs are rescues and were taken in from someone who couldn't care for them any longer.

05-02-16, 12:39 pm
Aww, so beautiful! I have boars, so I probably will never get a big herd like that.

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