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04-26-16, 07:34 pm
hi, I'm arvin, or cookoy(in my handle)

i just rescued these 2 furballs yesterday from my jobsite out in the province.. i hope to think that they are lucky i saw them because the employees there have no idea what they bought ar what to feed and how to take care... so opefully they are in much better hands with me and my family!

still trying to figure out a name for these two, my son wants to name the boy squirtle and the girl is still up in the air! oh yeah, i was able to sex them and its a mix.... which has raised a few red flags... but i'll figure it out eventually...

these guys are my first piggies, but i've taken care of white mice and hamsters previously before i got married....

wish me luck on this guys!!!

04-26-16, 08:18 pm

You should know that pregnancy and labor are VERY hard on guinea pig sows, and the death rate for both sows and pups is high. They are also susceptible to a number of genetic diseases, some of which cause lifelong pain, others cause blindness/deafness/missing teeth/immature digestive system/short life requiring intensive care.

For the safety of your pigs, you really should separate them immediately, and find each a same-sex cage mate. Or, if you don't want more than two, trade one of yours for another of the same sex as the one you're keeping.

04-26-16, 09:10 pm
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