View Full Version : Skin Problems Losing hair, or growing hair of a different color?

04-24-16, 09:49 pm
We've had our two pigs for 8 months now. They are about 1.5 years old.

One of the piggies have white and black hair exclusively, but recently I notice she had a very light-brownish stripe and some small patches developed on her body. They are only found in the white sections of her body. Since she is very skittish and wouldn't let me hold her, I couldn't inspect more closely. Is this normal? Could it be a skin problem? Her behavior is all normal.

04-24-16, 09:55 pm
Is it a stripe of a different color, or is she losing hair in those areas?

She may be skittish, but you need to pick her up and check. She needs to be picked up regularly for weighing and nail clipping, anyway.