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04-19-16, 11:52 am
Hi my name is Heidi and I am ashamed to admit I just BOUGHT a guinea pig at Petsmart about 3 weeks ago. Ashamed because I had no idea you could RESCUE one! I would have rather done that! I am instantly in love with little Fiona. I have always had cats but havenít had any furrballs of any kind in about 5 years. Iím so used to knowing everything there is to know about cats that Iíve been Googling everything I can on guinea pigs so I donít screw it all up! I have tried feeding Fiona carrots, cucumbers, kiwi, strawberries, Brussel sprouts and cantaloupe but she has spat it all back at me! She loves Romaine lettuce and goes WILD AND CRAZY every time she hears me getting the bag out of the fridge. She eats her pellets fine but is not eating as much of the hay as she did when she first came home. I know she needs it so Iím keeping an eye on it. She also doesnít drink much water but I took the advice from someone on this forum to wash her lettuce right before giving it to her so she gets the water from that. Iím worried about her not wanting any veggies though so I guess I will have to resort to the vitamin c drops since she isnít getting it from her food. I have her cage in an area of my house that is tiled and is basically sectioned off by steps so I can let her run around in that area while Iím home and not have to worry about her getting into anything. Iím also worried now that everything Iíve read is saying she should have a buddy and Iím kicking myself for not getting one of the other guinea pigs that she was hanging around with at the store since they seemed to get along fine. So now I will be looking into rescuing a buddy for her that I hope she bonds with.

04-19-16, 12:50 pm
Welcome to the world of piggies!! one of our lovely members has a post about teaching your piggy to eat veggies here (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/105287-How-to-teach-a-guinea-pig-to-eat-vegetables) that may be useful to you!

Try to avoid using vitamin c drops in the water bottle, the vitamin c breaks down as soon as it is exposed to light when dissolved in water. If you aren't able to get her to eat veggies using bpatter's method, Oxbow makes a vitamin c supplement that you could try. What kind of food are you currently feeding her?

04-19-16, 12:56 pm
I'm feeding her pellets (All Living Things Daily Diet Guinea Pig Food from Petsmart), hay (All Living Things Timothy Hay from Petsmart) and romaine lettuce. Thank you for the link I will check it out now.

04-19-16, 01:14 pm
Sorry, but that guinea pig food is no good. They need a plain hay pellet with vitamins and mnerals added, but no colored bits, nuts, seeds, etc. The only pellets we recommend for people who can find them are KMS Hayloft (available only online) and Oxbow (online or some pet stores).

Some pigs excrete excess urinary calcium when being fed romaine, which can contribute to expensive and painful bladder stone problems. Other pigs have no problems with it. But red or green leaf lettuce is a better choice.

See https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List for what they can eat and how often.

If you bought a cage from Petsmart at the same time you bought the pig, it won't be large enough for two guinea pigs. Lack of space is a major reason for aggressive behavior in guinea pigs. But your pig definitely needs a buddy.

04-19-16, 01:18 pm
You should definitely look into switching to a higher quality food. The one you are feeding now isn't a terrible choice, but there are MUCH better options out there :). I'm assuming she is probably still quite a young piggy, so I would suggest switching to Oxbow's young guinea pig food until she is about 6 months old. Then switch her over to their adult guinea pig recipe. Another great food is KMS hayloft's pellets. They are a bit pricier due to shipping, but it is a nice food!

04-19-16, 01:31 pm
You just answered my question about pellets I left on your veggie thread! thank you! I just finished printing out the instructions on how to build your own cage. Do they really not need a top/cover? I have no other pets to worry about bothering her. Thank you for the plant list!

04-19-16, 01:45 pm
yup no cover needed! you don't need to worry about them climbing out :)

maddy harper
04-21-16, 06:35 am
Hi and welcome

04-22-16, 03:52 pm
Where in CA do you live? I know of a great Piggie rescue. Just adopted mine yesterday for my little penny

04-22-16, 03:56 pm
I was just looking at the rescue site in La Honda. I'm about 2 hours from there. Not a bad drive for me but I'm wondering how the piggie would do in a carrier for that long?

04-22-16, 04:17 pm
10856 Farralone Ave, Chatsworth, California, United States - 91311

This is the one I went to and they're great people. I had mine the the carrier for about 2 hours she did fine

04-22-16, 04:21 pm
All of my pigs have had 5+ hour rides home from the rescues. Two hours is fine.