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04-11-16, 09:51 pm
Hi Everyone! Im Amber, and Mrs. Nibbles here is my first guinea pig! We took her on from someone who needed to find her a home. At the time, we were informed she was a HE. so to adopt a companion, i looked long and hard for a mellow male to be "his" buddy. His name is Luigi ( he's not pictured because well, hes camera shy!) annnyway, as im sure you can all guess, we found out eventually that MR Nibbles was in fact, MRS Nibbles. and now we have 2 beautiful baby piggies added to our family. Luigi is scheduled to be neutered by a reputable vet here in houston so our family doesnt KEEP growing. I've been reading online about sexing the babies and how to do so, I'm just stumped! I tried my best to snap a picture of both the babes, but i have a little fighter on my hands. lol ANY help would be greatly appreciated on identifying whether i need to plan for 2 more neuters or not. (side note: both babies genitals match in shape)



04-11-16, 10:19 pm
Welcome to the forum.

Just as an FYI, you don't need to make double posts. People who read the forums read all the new posts, and they'll see your sexing question on the other forum.

maddy harper
04-13-16, 12:31 am
Hi and welcome
Looking forward to reading more about your pigs....