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04-09-16, 01:11 pm
Okay I'm new to this site but moreover-
Prussia is about 4 years old and a happy piggy most of the time. So while I was cleaning my room I decided to bathe him after I cleaned his cage, so I did. But after the bath I dried him as much as I could and he was still a little wet so I put him back into his cage and an hour later he started whimpering continuously so I tried giving him food, he didn't eat so instead I assumed he was cold so I picked him up and cuddled him only to notice he was shivering in little bursts.
So I popped a little towel in the drier to get it warm and wrapped him up, he got quiet and settled in real quick but now he's making small noises and flinching ever so often. If I can, I can see if I can record his noises but my parents are out so I can't rush him to a vet because his has never happened before! I'm really worried and he's sitting next to me swattled in a towel as I write this making small noises. I'm honestly at a loss right now, should I keep him in the towel?

04-09-16, 01:31 pm
I don't really have any advice other than to keep him wrapped up and get him to the vet as soon as you can. You could try offering him veggies as well.

if he doesn't eat within in an hour, you can try force feeding him. you could also call a vet office and see if they can give you any advice until you can get him in.

make sure you get him in as soon as possible, if you can, call your parents and tell them something is wrong and that he needs to go to a vet.
the vet needs to be an exotic vet, small animal vets have very little to no training with guinea pigs.

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04-09-16, 02:01 pm
My parents came home and my mother said to keep swattling him in warm blankets and towels for a few more hours to get his temperature up then we'll take him to our vet if he continues to whimper and such. I keep trying to make him eat but he still refuses to eat.

04-09-16, 02:47 pm
if he's not eating you NEED to force feed him. you can look up how to do that on this site.

the sooner you get him to the vet the better. guinea pigs can go downhill very very quickly.

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04-09-16, 03:05 pm
Does it feel like a shiver? It's not uncommon for cavies (or at least mine) to exhibit the type of behavior that you describe following a bath. I can't offer any valid explanation other than it's apparently a combination of rapid temperature change, being chilly, and being frightened.

Your mistake was to put him back in the cage without him being thoroughly dry........and he got chilled. I make it a point to always bathe early in the day so that they will be thoroughly dry by bedtime. After the bath, put him in your lap and towel dry him and then dry him with a hair dryer on low/warm. Fluff his fur with your fingers, keeping your hand somewhat between him and the dryer so that you can monitor the temperature. Dry him as thoroughly as you can. I then wrap mine in a towel and hold them on my chest until they stop shivering. I then return them to the cage and ensure that they aren't in a draft and that the room is warm enough.

This is not a vet emergency. If the incident just happened, then don't worry about force feeding him. He'll be fine for a few hours, and by then he will probably eat on his own. Keep an eye on him and if he develops any sneezing, runny nose, or other signs of a URI, then get him to a vet.

04-09-16, 03:06 pm
Do you have a heating pad? Putting him on a heating pad set on low may help as well (just don't leave him unsupervised on a heating pad).

04-09-16, 08:14 pm
I've been keeping a eye on him all day, he's stopped whimpering and shivering but now he's occasionally sneezing. He's not moving, but breathing normally, just resting in one spot nibbling a little on some food. But what worries me is that he's not talking, he's been silent for quite a while, only making really small noises when I pet him.

04-10-16, 08:00 am
Sneezing and out of character behavior indicates he needs to see an exotics vet, he might have a URI.

04-10-16, 08:19 am
Yeah he only drinks a little water, he's still silent and when I pick him up he makes these small whimpering noises like it hurts. He's just sitting in the corner, my mother agrees to bring him to the vet so I'm getting his carrier ready now. He's always pressing his face to the side of the cage now, I hope he's gonna be okay.

04-10-16, 08:20 am
I hope so too, good luck!