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04-04-16, 03:27 pm
Hi everyone! What is the difference between fleece bed spreads and fleece cage liners? I'm getting my new piggie tmrw so I figured 2 piggies is double the poop ��. Right now I'm using towels and that's not really working. Bedding wouldn't either BC I have a giant cage �� So I thought buying a fleece liner would be a good investment �� Now I'm just stuck on the difference. Please help! I don't want to spend all this money and buy the wrong thing!

04-04-16, 03:54 pm
Assuming you mean the Piggy Bedspreads, they fit over and cover the sides of the coroplast. They also have a waterproof bottom. If your guinea pigs burrow persistently no matter what you do, this is the best option. The cage liners you can buy from the Market just sit on the cage bottom, and have no waterproof bottom, just a fleece outer layer on each side and U-haul in the middle. You can also buy fleece flippers, which are similar to the cage liners, but have a waterproof middle made out of coroplast. They're also small so instead of having one big piece of fabric, you order several of the flippers to put into the cage at once.

It's up to you what you think will work best. Personally, I use cage liners and I have no issues with them.

04-04-16, 04:13 pm
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04-05-16, 05:32 am
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