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04-02-16, 10:38 pm
Hi. My Guinea pig is 5 months old and he lives alone. I had him for about 2 months. I rented a cottage for the summer but now I was think about my piggie. I don't really trust anyone to take care of him expect my mom. But my mom is coming with me to the cottage. I though of taking my piggie with my but I remembered his cage is to big for my car and I'd hold him but he will most likely be uncomfortable and scared. Since I'm only going for a week would it be ok if a bought a smaller cage and take him with me? I honestly don't feel comfortable leaving him with anyone els. And I know I'm thinking really early but I want to have everything planned out.

04-02-16, 11:45 pm
could you get a travel cage (for the car) and bring a larger cage to set up in the cabin? you could make it like a play pen, jut zip tie grids together, with no bottom. that way you could fold it down for the car

04-03-16, 06:36 am
A smaller cage wouldn't hurt him for a week, but it wouldn't be hard to bring a pen for him while you're there. Just set it up on something waterproof like a shower curtain with towels and fleece. For actually traveling in the car, a hard sided plastic carrier is the best option.

04-03-16, 10:13 am
I've managed to shove a 2x4 C&C cage and three pet carriers into the back of my sedan before. But if your cage won't fit in your car I agree with those who have already posted: it is easy enough to set up a temporary cage with just some grids, zip ties, and a shower curtain. Plus, it is way cheaper to do that than buy a temporary cage from a pet store.