View Full Version : Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

03-31-16, 07:50 pm
Let me start off with saying all pigs have been treated for mites recently so I don't believe mites are the problem. My three pigs have been itching more than usual the past couple of months. I thought it was dry skin because we live in a dry climate so I hooked up a humidifier that runs constantly near their cage and use cold pressed virgin coconut oil on dry ears and feet. Well the itching is getting worse and two of the pigs are getting flaky white skin on their ears and feet. One of them has the tiniest bald spot on her nose (think a thin line the size of a tooth pick). I'm continuing with coconut oil but I'm not sure if I need to bring them to the vet?

also, my boyfriend and I have had more itchy scalps lately. No lice. Can fungal infections spread to humans?
Does it sound like a fungal infection or something else? And how should I treat them? Thanks.

03-31-16, 08:00 pm
It very well could be, if that bald spot gets any larger then yes you will need to go to the vet

03-31-16, 08:20 pm
Sounds like a fungus to me. You can apply Monistat or Lotrimin with a q-tip. Use it sparingly, and rub it in well. Do it twice a day for several days, and you should see some improvement.

But how were they treated for mites? What medicine? What strength? How often?

03-31-16, 08:26 pm
Okay thanks! They were treated with the durvet pour on liquid for 3 weeks on two different occasions (the most recent being 2 weeks ago). I treated them all once a week for 3 weeks using the Guinea Lynx instructions.

03-31-16, 08:41 pm
OK, that's probably ok for the mites. Try treating for the fungus for several days and see how it goes.

04-03-16, 12:46 pm
We're on day one of applying monistat and I felt so bad. One of my pigs, Mu, has had dry looking skin on the bottom of her feet and when I gently rubbed the monistat on them, she made little cries of pain. :( I will keep doing this twice a day and I really hope it helps!

04-03-16, 01:03 pm
What kind of bedding do you use in the cage?

04-03-16, 01:37 pm
I use fleece with uhaul under it. I wash it once a week.

04-03-16, 01:48 pm
If your pigs are having foot problems, you might want to change the fleece more frequently. Also make sure you keep the hay and poop swept up. If they get bumblefoot, it can be hard to get rid of.

04-09-16, 10:19 am
So I work at an animal shelter and I showed the in house vet some photos and described the issue. She said it looks like dry skin and if it were ringworm, it would have most likely caused some hair loss or lesions by now since they've been itching for months. I always have a humidifier in the room and I'll continue to rub cold pressed coconut oil on the dry skin. I feel bad because they don't only itch on their feet and ears where I put the coconut oil- but I don't really want to rub coconut oil into their fur. It sucks living in a dry climate sometimes...