View Full Version : Injury I Cut My Cavy To The Quick! Questions...

03-27-16, 08:00 am
so, while cutting wes' nails the other day, i cut one nail too short, which, of course, i was terrified of doing. i feel pretty terrible about it. anyway, a friend advised me to pack corn starch into the end of the nail to get the bleeding to stop, which i did and it did. he seems fine, he's running around like nothing happened, eating, hanging out. my biggest fear, though is infection. do i need to be putting antibiotics or anything on it? any advice would be much appreciated.

03-27-16, 08:20 am
I've accidently done this before. Just keep an eye on it. It should heal on its own. Make sure it stays clean, I know how dirty those little piggy nails can get. I cut charlottes nail too short once and it started bleeding a bit, but it never caused her any problems. She just squealed a bit when I cut it.

03-27-16, 08:50 am
do i need to be putting antibiotics or anything on it? any advice would be much appreciated.

I understand how terrifying it can be when the nail just won't stop bleeding right away.......I think we've all experienced that. Yes, packing corn starch or even flour on the nail.......and holding it with a bit of pressure will generally stop the flow.

I keep a vet adhesive on hand that works extremely well for both piggy and human cuts. It dries in about 3-4 seconds and eventually just comes off in about four days. Now, most people don't have access to vet adhesive, but you can use Krazy Glue as an alternative. It has virtually the same chemical makeup as the vet product and doesn't sting much. We used it for years on those small cuts that all of us get on our fingers that just don't seem to heal, prior to my being able to get the veterinary product. As an aside, Vets use the adhesive to seal small incisions and put it on newly declawed cats toes as an example.

A nail seems to heal pretty well on its own so I wouldn't bother with an antibiotic ointment.

03-27-16, 11:48 am
thanks for the advise and tips, everybody. i think i was definitely needing reassurance, and y'all provided it. yep, corn starch and pressure stopped the bleeding, and he seems none the worse for the wear. i will be dilligent about keeping his floor and nails clean.