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maddy harper
03-25-16, 09:02 am
Chock is my teddy pig with lots of personality.
He's had to be kept as a lone pig as he gets picked on when ever i try to pair him up with another pig...
He's just had his 3rd birthday

maddy harper
03-25-16, 09:12 am
He loves running in his enclosure, playing with his sea grass ball and hay box while he is in there. Also doesn't mind the aud bowl of leefy veg while he plays to.

maddy harper
03-25-16, 09:57 am
He's chocolate coloured on his back with a white strype running down his nose and he has a ginger stomach and one black foot compleet with black claws so those ones are hard for the vet to trimb so he's part goth lol

maddy harper
03-25-16, 12:44 pm
Managed to get his cage all clean today as well.
Just thought you'd like to hear about him...

03-25-16, 01:16 pm
He sounds adorable! Do you have a picture?
And are you sure you did introductions correctly? If you did and gave them several food bowls and hideys with 2 openings, I don't see why he shouldn't have a cagemate. As long as they weren't fighting and blood was being drawn, I think you should have left him a buddy.

maddy harper
03-25-16, 09:22 pm
I did all the right things when introing but i had to seporate them because chock's fur started falling out and the other pig wouldn't let him eat even though there were 2 of everything in the cage...
He's a much happyer boy living on his own.
He's put all the waight he's lost back on.
His apitite never seaces to amaze me mind you...

maddy harper
03-25-16, 09:29 pm
Unfortunatley i'm blind so i cant take picks...
Sorry about that
I would have liked you all to see his beautiful face
He has such a sweet little face to go along with his calm nature...

03-25-16, 10:13 pm
it helps to have two kitchen areas, one on each side of the cage. that way, the pigs can't block each other

maddy harper
03-26-16, 12:53 am
I did that but it made no difference to poor Chock...

maddy harper
03-26-16, 02:48 am
Chock had great fun in his running enclosure this morning
So much he was hard to catch to put him back home.. Naughty piggie

maddy harper
03-26-16, 07:08 am
Chocks enjoying his hay bed that he's made for him self :d
Since he's bbecome a lone pig he has perked up no end!
He loves human company over pig company. I don't wanna put my self or him through another intro that could go wrong...
He turned 3 at the end of feb and he's been on his own before and flurished because of it...
He's healthy so the vet said when i took him there to get his claws clipped...
So i must be doing something right.

maddy harper
03-26-16, 08:26 am
Chock is having an extra run as i feel really down and i thought he'd cheer me up...

maddy harper
03-26-16, 02:47 pm
Just had some quality snuggle time with chock on my lap
He loves his snuggles and scritches behind his little ears...
I love his little ears!

maddy harper
03-27-16, 03:02 am
My friend braught chock some red leef lettis
[cant remember what its called]
He really enjoyed it though.
He wil be getting out for some floor time later on...
I have a play pen for him to run around in as i don't want any of my electric cableing gnawed through or i don't want to stand on him iether so the pen's for his safety as well as mine.
He loves it in there though.

maddy harper
03-27-16, 03:47 am
This is what i got for chock for his birthday
3 dryed corn cobs.
Natures salad dryed flower/herb mix.
1 alfalfa ring.
A packet of apple banana and carrot cubes. And hay...

maddy harper
03-27-16, 04:32 am
I think its important for all pigs to have time out from their cages
Its good for us to go out so why wouldn't it be the same for a pig...

maddy harper
03-27-16, 06:31 am
Chock fell asleep in his pen this afternoon. He was sleeping in his hay box which is an old potato chip one, i've cut 2 holes in it, 1 at iether end so he can run through it or sleep in it, eat the hay inside it or skip that totally and eat the box which he does on a regular...
A forageing exploring pig is a happy pig...

maddy harper
03-27-16, 11:40 am
Chock's play pen is a meter squair right round so he has a fair bit of room to run around in and man he uses it...
He asks to come out to play and have his veg in the morning after i have taken my pills
He sometimes has a run in the afternoon but mainly he gets out in the early morning

03-27-16, 11:59 am
Have you tried pairing him up with a baby guinea pig. That way chock could be the dominant one since he would be bigger. I doubt a little piggie would pick on a much bigger, older pig.

maddy harper
03-27-16, 01:18 pm
The last pairing that went wrong was with a baby pig. The issue wasn't when he was a baby it was when his hormones kicked in...

maddy harper
03-27-16, 02:10 pm
I wouldn't put him through another intro or my self as i would be worryed for Chock's mental well being.
He's a very special pig
He reminds me of my retired seeing eye dog
He's just like her in nature, very calm and placid

maddy harper
03-28-16, 01:49 am
Going in to town on wednesday to see if the shop i get chocks supplies has dryed dandelion in as they had run out last time i was in there...
Will also get more hay while i'm at it...

maddy harper
03-28-16, 02:00 am
Chocks running enclosure is a meter squair
All the panels are a meter long and there are 4 of them
He loves it in there!!
A foradgeing exploring pig is a happy one...

maddy harper
03-28-16, 03:22 am
Chock was in his pen for 2 hours before asking to be put back in his cage
I just wait till he starts bar gnawing before i put him back.
He's very good at letting me know what he wants or doesn't want

maddy harper
03-28-16, 06:37 am
Chock and i have spent a happy hour snuggling together
He likes his cuddles/scritches behind his ears...
Its so rewarding having a pig to look after

maddy harper
03-28-16, 08:44 am
I hope that the shop has the dryed dandelions in as that is 1 of chocks favorite treets...
Along with hay
Fresh grass
Particularly leefy veg
He gets a food mix with added vitamin c as he wont eat pelits no matter what brand they are
He's a very fussy pig when it comes to food.

maddy harper
03-29-16, 03:03 am
Chock had hiscage cleaned out this morning
I have been rewarded with popcorning/happy wheeking
Nice to know i am needed...

maddy harper
03-29-16, 04:10 am
Hes tired him self out by running through the hay stack
You'de have thought i had given him some special treet the way he carrys on when his cage gets cleaned or when the hay gets replaced he does the same thing when his food mix is changed too... Popcorning/happy wheekwheek noises
He likes his cage to be nice and clean
He makes really sorry sounding wheek noises on cage cleaning day in the morning before i clean it out that my heart just melts
Wonder if pigs know how to monipulate their owners to get what they want
Wouldn't surprise me with these beautiful animals...

maddy harper
03-29-16, 05:58 am
Still have to give him his daily run but i'm letting do what he wants in his clean cage 1st
Probably scent marking it inbitween naps...
I think him having a clean cage makes him sleep better
Just like we sleep better in a nice clean bed.
Must be the samefor pigs...

maddy harper
03-29-16, 06:24 am
Chocks in his pen having a lettis afternoon snack...
He's got his hay box and sea grass ball in there to play with as well as a cardboard tunnel
He's been wheeking at me for the last half hour because he wanted to play
So now he is...

maddy harper
03-29-16, 07:02 am
The play pen's been the best thing i ever got for chockster...
Gives him a chance to explore and bight things
He's a sweet natured pig who loves his floor time/cuddles on my knee...

03-29-16, 09:49 am
I love this thread--- The life of Chock :)

03-29-16, 10:48 am
maddy harper - you are able to edit your posts up to 10 minutes after posting them. So instead of making a new post every time you think of something new to add, maybe just edit the one you just made and add to that.

maddy harper
03-30-16, 07:46 am
Went in to town and got some things for chockster
I got him:
Carrot and herb sticks
Dandelion and fennal sticks
Dandelion mix from another shop as the usual shop didn't have any and some meddo hay...

maddy harper
03-30-16, 08:25 am
Why has my thread been moved??
I don't understand...

maddy harper
03-30-16, 11:23 am
Just done an online order for chock
I got him some bedding, hay, dandelion/green oat mix and a bag of his food mix...

maddy harper
03-31-16, 03:34 am
Chock spent 2 hours in his pen this morning before asking. To be put back in his cage
That's the longest time he's spent in his pen ever.
The new hay/hay box must have been the thing that done it...
I replace the box once a week and the hay inside every day just like in his cage...
He loves a fresh hay stack whether its. Inside his cage or out. The thing i love about him is he's easy pleased...

03-31-16, 03:42 am
should be the trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets lol

maddy harper
03-31-16, 04:43 am
Chock's sertainly got personality and an atitude to go along with it.
If he doesn't get his own way he throws a huge strop
He's very spoiled, think that's the problem...

03-31-16, 09:37 am
Love this thread
spoiled piggies are the best

maddy harper
04-01-16, 01:26 am
Chock had some quality snuggle time on my lap yesterday afternoon while i was reading an audio book.
He loves his cuddles/scritches
He's getting his summer coat in. Right now
Lots of old hair's coming out when i brush him something else he enjoys
He is one of the most layed back pigs i have ever had...

maddy harper
04-01-16, 05:05 am
Managed to clean chocks cage out this morning. He had an extra bowl of greens as a reward for being patient while he was in his carryer after i put him back in the cage
I always reward good behavior...

maddy harper
04-02-16, 04:50 am
Chocks online order arrived this morning
We're well stocked up on hay, bedding, dandelion/green oat mix and food.
Chock's been wheeking as his stuf was unpacked. How he knows stuf's for him goodness knows...
Must be a scent thing or something like that.

04-05-16, 09:50 am
maddy harper, have you considered making a blog? The content of this thread would be a good subject for one.

04-05-16, 05:24 pm
I'm closing this thread. See maddy harper's blog.