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03-22-16, 01:10 am
I just rescued hershey from a rescue and she is an older guinea pig. I have only had her for roughly a week. I currently have 3 baby guinea pigs and I also adopted another older guinea pig from the same rescue. I am concerned about her behavior and also her size. I allowed her to meet one of my other guinea pigs and she bit her and also bit my boyfriend and drew blood. I am concerned about both her behavior and whether or not she could be pregnant. I have removed her from the other guinea pigs and she seems to be doing well. She eats and drinks a lot but she is constantly chewing on the metal bars of her cage.7883778838

03-22-16, 07:42 am
How did you introduce them? And how big a cage do you have them in?

Here's the way to introduce: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html.

Lack of space is one of the major reasons for guinea pig aggression. A cage with five guinea pigs in it needs to be about 15-16 square feet.

03-22-16, 11:02 pm
I introduced them to each other in a separate fence with fleece. I have a 5x5 cage with an upper section that is 2x2. She is currently in a separate cage. She is still nibbling on me but has not drawn blood again. I think I might just leave her in a separate cage as she seems to enjoy being by herself. I was concerned about her weight and that her nipples show that she has had a liter before and I am concerned that she could be pregnant once again. I own no male guinea pigs and I got her from a rescue about a week ago. She hates when I touch her stomach and she drinks and eats excessively in comparison to my other guinea pigs. I only want what is best for her. Im hoping that she is just aggressive towards other guinea pigs because I do not want her to have babies due to her age.

03-23-16, 08:53 am
I'd follow the instructions in that introduction article and put them together again. Allowing her to meet one guinea pig is no indication of whether she will get along with the group or not.