View Full Version : Hellos, from Pip, Marley and some assorted Cavy Slaves

03-19-16, 05:52 am

We have recently adopted two young (approx 3 months) rescued boars. Their names are Pip and Marley, as far as we know they are brothers. We'd post some glamour shots but the little squeakers are a bit too shy for posing yet. We are in Melbourne Australia. We are totally new to the guinea pig world, but are loving it so far. We look forward to to joining in on discussions and will definitely be bothering everyone with a gazillion questions. :):)

Cheers, moolie

Comely Guineas
03-19-16, 09:15 am
Welcome to the forum, fellow Aussie :) I also have two boars, around 5 years old. I hope I can help you with anything in the future.

03-19-16, 09:59 am
Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pigtures! :D

maddy harper
03-24-16, 02:27 am
Hi from another cavy slave and chock my pig

03-24-16, 07:39 am
Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see some pigtures of your babies!