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03-16-16, 02:15 am
Hello everyone, my name is leony and i have a male guinea pig named vivo. I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia
After i read some article here, i think my guinea pig got mastitis. So i decided to bring him to vet 5 weeks ago, and my guinea pig was given antibotics. After that I was ordered to put warm towel on his mastitis 2-3times a day, and pinch his nipple to evacuate the blood clots. I have been doing these for 5 weeks.
Last thursday i decided that my guinea pig should get a surgery, but my vet persuade and convinced me that this condition doesn't need a surgery because this is an infection, not a tumor.
Because the doctor saw the good progress from week to week (i was going to this vet every week for 5 weeks) the papule on the nipple became tender, he tried to pinch the papule and suddenly it's bleeding so much, much more than usual. After that the papule became little and tender. I gave up on surgery idea and the vet ordered me to routinely pinch that papule.
Last friday, i found a massive internal bleeding beneath my gp abdominal skin. Suddenly the skin color around his nipple turned red and bruised almost half of his abdomen (like the photo below). The first photo was him 5 weeks before and the second was taken on last friday. You can see the color changing.

What i want to ask, does mastitis only can be cured only with surgery? Was it wrong to put warm towel and pinch the papule everyday? Is there any solution for this bleeding? It is so hard to find another vet because there's only 2 vet in jakarta that cavy savy including the vet i was going to 5 weeks ago. (i make this letter 2-3 month ago)

After 2 - 3 months, the mastitis under the nipple getting bigger.how should i do??


03-16-16, 08:36 am
Same answer as at Guinea Lynx. You need another vet. That pig almost certainly has a mammary tumor that needs to be removed.

03-16-16, 06:16 pm
in jakarta the savy cavy only 2 vet. so difficult to find another vet. today im going to vet again, ask for removed the tumor. its ok for GP 6 yo to doing surgery??