View Full Version : Lump Pig has a lump that scabed off and has blackening ears

03-15-16, 09:55 pm
My pig Butterscotch had maroonish lump on her back that recently scabbed off. She now has doted lines where the lump was. She also in blackening around her ears and has been sneezing often. I will post pics as soon as possible. Any idea what it could be? I'm open to questions.

Comely Guineas
03-16-16, 12:18 am
Not sure but it sounds pretty serious.

03-16-16, 08:38 am
Can you post a picture?

Is she scratching a lot at the spot on her back where the scab is?

Does she have any discharge from her nose when she sneezes? Is she eating normally?

03-16-16, 02:03 pm
She has been scratching and eating normaly. Haven't noticed and discharge

03-16-16, 02:57 pm
78724this is a pic of her lump that scabed off. i will post one of her ears in a sec

03-16-16, 03:00 pm
78725 not the best but its like this on one of her nipples too

03-16-16, 03:04 pm
The lump looks like it might be a trichofolliculoma, although it's not enough of a close-up to tell. See http://www.guinealynx.info/lumps.html for more information. If that's what it is, they're pretty harmless.

For the ear, I'd get some cold pressed virgin oil (any grocery store) and rub it on a couple of times a day. If it doesn't improve, post back and we'll try something else.