View Full Version : Am I allergic to my new piggie?

03-13-16, 04:45 am
Hi I'm Sky I'm 15 and I think I'm allergic to my new piggie Gizmo.

My eyes begin to burn or feel irritated when I hold Gizmo for too long. My skin also feels irritated when she cuddles into my neck for long it get red and rash like. Is that a bad thing?

03-13-16, 09:34 am
Yes, it's a bad thing, but you may be allergic to the hay rather than the guinea pig. Are you feeding timothy hay?

If so, buy a bag of orchard grass. Clean the cage and everything in it thoroughly, and give the guinea pig a bath (you can get Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo at any pet store). Then put in only the orchard grass, and see how you do after several days.

If the allergic reaction goes away, you can continue with the orchard grass, or you can buy either that or meadow grass online in large quantities for much cheaper than you can buy it at a pet store.

03-13-16, 01:38 pm
Oh ok thank you so much! I will try the new hay because the pet store said she needs Timothy hay.

03-13-16, 01:44 pm
She needs a long strand grass hay. Timothy is only one kind. The others are orchard grass, meadow grass, bluegrass, and brome.