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03-12-16, 01:48 pm
Hello :) My name is Cassie & I'm the proud mama of two male guinea pigs, Corki and Rumble.

There's Corki, very comfy on my lap. He just turned five months old. I got him from the SPCA around Thanksgiving.

And that's Rumble! He's two and a half months old now. I found him on Craigslist and was under the impression that he was an accidental pet-store-mixup baby, but some of the things his first owner said when I picked him up made me think she was a breeder. I was a bit disappointed due to an adopt-don't-shop mentality but he's with me now, and that's what matters!

Their current C&C cage is 2x4, which I know can be a bit small for pigs but because they're so young I'm not too worried yet. If I could make it bigger, I would, but it takes up a sizeable portion of my room already. (I know it's usually not recommended for them to be in a bedroom but I spend an excessive amount of time in here, approx. eight hours per day, so they aren't lonely.) I might add a second level when they get older. Before I got Rumble, Corki was in a 2x3 with a 1x2 loft, so I know he would know how to use a ramp.

So there they are! And here I am. Corki is a ham for photos (as you can tell) and very cuddly. He especially likes to sit on my shoulders when I'm in my desk chair and hide in my hair. I'm having trouble taming Rumble; he's very skittish around people, and spends a lot of time in his hideys whenever I move around the room. Neither of them like to be picked up (very strong "prey" instinct) but I'm hopeful that will get better with time.

03-12-16, 02:27 pm
Welcome to the forum! Looks like you know a great deal already, but if you ever need help you can ask the forum. And your piggies are adorable! I love Rumble's colouring, and of course Corki's gorgeous. You'll be able to tame him if you're persistent. Some piggies take longer than others

03-12-16, 07:38 pm
Welcome to the forum!! Your piggies are adorable. If you ever need help or wanna chat you can pm me.:p