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Jay Hamilton
03-04-16, 12:12 pm
I am allowing my two daughters to get guinea pigs for their birthday. I have been reading on this site (which is packed with great info) for a couple of weeks now. They have their pigs picked out but we don't have them yet. I plan on building their cage in the next few days. I will be building a C&C cage with a top (not sure about design other than that.) I guess I need to put the cage in the living room so that will play into the design I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. You guys have already helped me more than you know.


03-04-16, 02:02 pm
Hello welcome to the forum and soon to be guinea owner :) they're great pets and such a joy to have around.

03-04-16, 02:03 pm
Welcome to the forum!

Malynda Teeter
03-04-16, 09:44 pm
lol Welcome!! Guinea pigs are very lovable! This forum is awesome and everyone is helpful!

03-04-16, 09:55 pm
Welcome to the forums!!