View Full Version : Bedding for bun in C&C cage

03-03-16, 10:17 am
I love how the fleece looks in the C&C cages anyone know how bunnies like it?

03-27-16, 02:41 pm
I haven't been on here for awhile but will answer here since it remains unanswered. :)

Most rabbits are fine with fleece, but they will usually chew holes in it. Remember with a rabbit, it is best to skip the second "c" in C&C. The coroplast is very slippery and bunnies can't get grip with their furred paws.

When I used NIC or cube cages (rabbit version of C&C), I used rolled linoleum for the main base and was able to use carpet remnants on the upper levels. Of course, this assumes bunny doesn't chew & ingest the carpet (mine did not).

I'll see if I can attach a pic of my old cube cage. I now use a cage made out of an old oven cabinet. The cage door is left open all day.


03-27-16, 02:49 pm
I also have a rabbit care website that I created that is purely informational (I don't sell anything).
(I've had indoor rabbits since the 1980s.)

So if you'd like to see other cage/housing options for rabbits, there are ideas at my site:

This photo shows my current cage...