View Full Version : Mites or Fleas?

11-02-05, 12:05 am
Hi, I've been noticing lately that my rabbits have been itching like crazy. At first I thought they were caused by fleas, but then I started looking up some stuff about mites. It says that ear mites causes the rabbit to tilt its head, which is what Hoppy, my white one, has been doing. I thought he was doing that just cause it happened to itch there, but it's an actual condition, head tilt. Can I get mites on myself from touching the rabbits? What's the best course of action without having to take her to the vet? If it gets out of control, there's no doubt I'd have to take him, but what are some things I can do on my own?

11-02-05, 10:55 am
you have to take him to the vet, if you dont treat it head tilt is permanent. There is no option take the bun to the vet ASAP. There are no over the counter meds for this. Head tilt can get so bad that it can cripple them for life. call the vet now, please