View Full Version : Urine Is this blood??????

02-27-16, 08:10 am
I dont know what this is, it looks like blood in urine to me but how should i be sure? How do i know which piggy it is? Do i need to go to the vet or make a change in diet? I dont know how to proceed! 78488
I just got them a brand new cage and put some temporary fleece in and on the yellow side saw this! It wasnt there last time i cleaned their cage so it could not have been happening long

02-27-16, 08:18 am
Also, my piggies have never been to vet and still aren't tamed completely, i dont know if the vet will know how to handle an untame piggy or have a pen, they've never even tried to bite before so i am not worries about that, but the vet is a half hour away, which would make them very skittish from the start

Nandita Jha
02-27-16, 08:49 am
my guinea pigs are bleeding while peeing. please help me with medication asap. urgent..

02-27-16, 11:21 am
Nandita Jha, you need to start your own thread for your pigs and make it their medical thread. Blood in the urine requires a vet visit -- there's no medication we can help you with.
jessdb, are your pigs sows or boars? How old are they? Are those spots that color immediately after they've peed, or after they've dried?

The lighter spots look like normal dried urine -- guinea pig urine darkens as it dries, especially in younger pigs. The darker spots look more like drops of blood to me than blood in the urine. While guinea pigs sows do not normally bleed in their bi-monthly cycles, occasionally we'll see a sow that does leave a drop or two of blood.

02-27-16, 05:02 pm
They're sows and one i would guess is about 2 years old and the other is about a year, the spots were dried when i found them