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02-20-16, 10:16 pm
I have a sludge prone piggie who has been squeaking while peeing. She had xrays done and a urinalysis and urine culture. She has no stones and no UTI but has calcium crystals in her urine. She is on a low calcium diet, receives metacam when needed and gets water syringed to her daily. My vet has recommended I start her on Polycitra-K. After looking it up and reading it is known to be harsh on the GI tract I was hoping someone could share some personal insight on if there are any side effects in pigs. I'm worried that making her lose her appetite will be worse than the occasional painful pee.

02-20-16, 10:35 pm
Polycitra-K is used to make urine less acidic. Herbivore urine is basic, and is totally non-acidic. As far as I can see, there's no need to give it to a guinea pig.

Is this an exotic vet?

I wouldn't give the Polycitra-K to mine without a very thorough explanation from the vet about why he wanted to prescribe it.

03-02-16, 12:15 am
I went to 2 exotic vets- 1 is a specialist. When I looked up the medicine I thought the same thing- how could it possibly do anything to help her if her PH is normal. One vet said it may or may not help, that's when I went to the specialist and she said I should definitely give it to her. I will follow up and ask her how she thinks it will help. I just tried administering it to her today after insistence from the specialist but my pig refused to take it. It smelled like some pretty strong stuff. I don't think I'm going to force it on her. Side effects seemed risky as well- possible diarrhea and nausea. Last thing I want is for her to stop eating.

The specialist also recommended I stop giving her pellets- she was on KMs getting 1/8 cup a day. She also gets green leaf lettuce, a slice of cucumber, slice of green bell pepper, one cherry tomato, a baby carrot and a blueberry daily. If I take away the pellets should I up the veggies? Vet said no but I worry about weight loss. She also has access to unlimited timothy hay. Right now its CareFresh brand but I ordered a bag of Oxbow which is on the way.

03-02-16, 06:36 am
Here's a link:http://www.guinealynx.info/stones.html

03-02-16, 08:31 am
If you don't mind, ask your vet exactly what the polycitra-K will do. If she says it will acidify the urine, skip giving it. It won't work. But if she has another reason, I'd be interested in hearing what it is.

03-02-16, 06:59 pm
I sent her an email- I will update with her response.

03-03-16, 07:39 am
My vet got back to me and this is what she said:

Polycitra is used pretty routinely in guinea pigs that have chronic problems with crystals in their urine. Yes their urine is normally alkaline. Scamp's urine was within a 'normal' guinea pig urine pH range. Keep in mind that the urine pH changes relative to diet, inflammation, infection etc and is not a constant thing. SO in Scamp's case because you have been battling this for some time now I think it would be in her best interest to be on it for at least a period of time until we get things under control.

So we're going to go out and buy some Potassium Citrate capsules and start sprinkling 1/3 of the capsule on her food. She's had sludge problems for over 2 years (basically her whole life). We'll update soon on if it helps! Maybe it could be the cure everyone is missing.

03-03-16, 08:06 am
Mumble, mumble. What that says to me is that she doesn't know the action of the polycitra, and she's probably based her prescription on the recommendations for cats and dogs. But I'll keep an open mind. Please keep us posted on whether or not it helps with the sludge.

03-03-16, 09:39 am
She's strictly an exotics vet at the Animal Medical Center in NYC and is highly recommended so I'm trying to keep an open mind too. I will definitely update.

03-06-16, 01:56 pm
UPDATE: She's been taking the potassium citrate powder for 3 days now. Hard to say if its helping but so far there are not adverse side effects so there's at least that...